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Everyday we take chances and make the wisest decision of all. Hokkien mee or ba chor mee for lunch? Mackens or prata for supper? Time run constantly and so is all our lives. Since work started in December, the events and gatherings had been ongoing. Christmas, New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year, bla bla bla… and soon, we have Valentine’s and my first overseas business trip in February. Although it took me a while before my mind and body is fully adjusted to the new work schedule, I’m still proud of myself! For once, I strike a balance for my time between my Boyfriend, friends, family, dog and work. Lee’s summer holidays is almost coming to an end. I really hope both of us have developed a stronger relationship for each other these months. My new life appointment as a working adult will be a great adjustment for both of us. As my views and opinions change through time, I hope his thoughts will be in sync with mine too. There’s bound to be some ugly days, especially when we don’t understand each other? Well, let’s hope the emotional days will put to rest and things will get better, like great opportunities in life. Not every kid on probation period would get a chance to travel, even though it’s only the mainland of Chings. Frankly speaking, I’m pretty intimidated that my Boss will be joining for his first time, to monitor and watch over. Fashion is never pretty. Money is. Wish me luck! J

There’s nothing to hide. It’s a fact that I hate you. 


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I cannot handle family | friends | Boyfriend | puppy | work. I can't.

May some squamous, adenocarcinoma, melanoma, basal or sarcoma cells accumulate in your bodies.

There could only be the Fanning sisters to think of, when we mentioned the Olsen Twins. The world is balanced in its own way, Olsens will be the dark and mysterious side and Fannings will be the bright lolly pair. And in my honest opinion, the Fannings are way up on the couture standard.
I present to you the .G.o.l.d.e.n.G.i.r.l.s.

Never did I realize that an iPhone app has create a webpage for me! And I actually already created 800 over pictures! Follow me here

The beginning is always the hardest。

Twenty eleven has been a tremendous year for myself. It was marked as one of my most eventful years, much said as an emotional one. Many decisions and choices were at stake, sweat and tears were always on the brink at the end of weary days. Still, it was one which gave me the most life lessons and taught me what classroom can no longer offer. As much as I don’t want to age as rapidly, I welcomed 2012 with open hands and open hearts ❤ Made new friends, rekindle old friendships, bid some farewell. Let bygones be bygones. Gone is the easy student life of a mummy’s girl. I’m no longer the child that I used to be. With each day, comes new responsibilities. It will be a constant struggle of challenges being an adult. However, it gets pretty exciting when many people in your social circle are now moving on together. I am really glad to say that I’ve now been blessed with a great new job and many of my beloveds will also be working towards new ambitions, new dreams! It’s always good to know that you are not alone in this big universe. Beside family and friends, my love life has also been strengthened throughout the year. Long distance relationship is a test, but one which every romance should get a grip on. The first year started off quite rocky but as days go by, it’s no longer about the time. Embracing what you’ve got as a pair, is all it matters. Future has never been that thrilling for me! I never plan that much ahead before! Nevertheless, today is the time! Time to say goodbye to my old self and welcome all brand new trials and tribulations! To new dreams!
2012  Long term goals? 》 Job challenges and opportunities 》Fruitful business trips  Savings, savings, savings 》 Friends and family travel trips 》 Japan 》 New Zealand 》 States 》 Snow 》 Skiing 》 Skydiving 》 Gym and yoga classes 》 Driving license 》 Japanese elementary certification 》 Fluent in Cantonese 》 Maintain short term goals 》 Give household expenses 》 Pay bills and educational loans 》 Sleep regularly 》 Be punctual for work 》 More friends gatherings 》 Spend less $$ 》 Forgetful not》 Mess no more 》 Clear my wardrobes 》Starting loving my gadgets 》Don’t kill my dog!
The girl who will always be a daydreamer
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Even is snowing on its webpage! ❄。●.❄
This year, the Christmas mood is really coming unto me.
Just wish to share some beautiful ideas for the holiday season! oo

Van Gogh Alive – the Exhibition, shown in the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands was truly enchanting. Vincent Van Gogh’s work and life experiences were explored through an artistically choreographed sequence of sights and sounds. Masterpieces were projected onto walls, columns, roofs and floors, accompanied by captivating musical scores. The projection of vivid colours and amazing details were protraying techniques and colors used by Van Gogh in a scale never seen before. The all-rounded use of technology and music made the paintings come to life. Check out the YouTube video I’ve found below. It was like time-travelling into a starry, starry Paris night of Van Gogh’s ★

Many remembered this man as the iconic figure in the surrealist movement. In my opinion, Salvador Dalí was a mad and passionate lover. Dalí’s greatest love and wife, Gala was a huge influence in the 250 works found in 「Dalí : Mind of a Genius The ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. The exhibition was curated into three themed areas – Femininity and Sensuality, Religion and Mythology, Dreams and Fantasy. Thankfully Felicia and I was advised earlier to take up the audio tour in an iPod, we were truly immersed in Dalí’s magnified magical world. It was Alice in Wonderland moment for both of us. Dalí is mad. Dalí is crazy. Dalí is reckless. No word can explain.
Another pet-friendly eatery by Robertson Quay, a popular spot where people chill out at night after work. It’s one of the recommended night spots I would strongly suggest, for light beers and great gourmet. Great for gatherings with friends or even for first date or anniversaries. Kudos to Annabel for bringing me to this remote area. The night scenery by the river is spectacular. Moreover, there’s many runners and dog walkers strolling by. Bar Bar Black Sheep offers the best of three worlds: Thai, Indian and Western cuisines. The Indian cuisine is full spice satisfaction. If you’re a first timer, don’t get annoyed if no one is there to serve. There’s no service charge, so you have to go and order your food yourself and wait for them to be served in the laid-back alfresco area. Will definitely check out the other outlet in Bukit Timah. Have a good weekend all! ✗

Bar Bar Black Sheep

86 Robertson Quay

#01-04 Robertson Blue

T:  6836 9255

Mon to Thurs: 11am – 12am

Fri to Sat: 9am – 2am

Sun: 9am – 12am

The Garden Slug. Hidden gem in the east side of Singapore. Situated along with a few pet shops, an ideal place to chill for a pet-friendly eatery. Like its infamous slogan, it’s all about eat, drink, don’t think! Lee’s choice of all day breakfast was fabulous, especially with the yoghurt and muesli. I ordered the grilled beef salad and it was quite a disappointment. Nevertheless, I will still make my way back to this uber chill spot again, with little miss Clover! We had a lot of fun with all the little friends we’ve made D: D:

The Garden Slug
55 Lorong L Telok Kurau
Bright Centre #01-59/61
T: 6346 0504
Mon to Tues: 6pm – 10 pm
Wed to Thur: 10am – 10pm
Fri to Sun: 9am – 10pm

Mary Roks by Jeffrey Campbell. Photo credits:
Over the long week end of October, I finally gave in and bought few pairs of awesome footwear after weeks of hesitation. Apart from my first, ever pair of Dr. Martens (will post again!), I also got my second pair of Jeffrey Campbell, this time in Singapore. If Dakota Fanning have it, I can own it too. Hahaha. JC shoes never fail, their handmade sole are incredibly comfortable, which is unbelievable with the wedge height. Oh wells, it’s JC for JAC. And I got a midnight blue colored one. One of my favorite colors of all times  It’s been raining these days, so is my future. Filled with clouds of doubts.

夢想,xxx 夜晚能夢的x 平日不能想.



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